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The EGCG programs were developed over the past few years to supplement the programs in the GCG Sequence Analysis Package. The "E" has had many meanings. Originally the programs were written at EMBL, and called "GCGEMBL". Then additional programs were written at other EMBnet nodes, and the "E" became "European". Now the programs are renamed "EGCG" with the first letter meaning "Extended".

The previous VMS release was distributed with VMS versions of GCG in the saveset UNSUPPORTED.BCK, and a more recent Unix port of most programs by Reinhard Doelz, Jack Leunissen and Rodrigo Lopez was included in the CD distribution of GCG 7.2 for Unix.

Version 8.1-UNIX of the EGCG Programs was prepared by Peter Rice (The Sanger Centre, Hinxton, UK), Rodrigo Lopez (Biotechnology Centre of Oslo, Norway), Jaakko Hattula (Tampere University of Technology, Finland), Reinhard Doelz (Basel, Switzerland) and Jack Leunissen (CAOS/CAMM Centre, Netherlands).

Initial porting of the programs to run on ALPHA OpenVMS systems was supported by DEC under a University Porting Agreement.

We are very grateful to (in alphabetical order) Rein Aasland, Wilhelm Ansorge, Peer Bork, Thure Etzold, Toby Gibson, Tom Kristensen, David Mathog, Franc Pattus, Kate Rice, Christian Schwager, Peter Sibbald, Julie Thompson, Hartmut Voss, Gert Vriend and Rick Westerman for their many contributions and critical comments as users of the EGCG Programs.

We are also deeply indebted to the staff of GCG Inc. who provided rapid and helpful answers to our many questions during the development of the programs. Many thanks to Irv Edelman, Maggie Smith, Donald Katz, Michael Hogan, Joseph King, Mary Schulz and especially John Devereux.