• Our research intensive program enables students the opportunity to work closely with their dissertation advisor on novel and important biological and biomedical questions at the molecular level

    • Choose from more than 135 labs in 14 departments

    • Small research groups of students and postdocs foster an environment of interaction and collaboration

    • Faculty teach courses on a wide variety of topics including: chemistry and biology of proteins, nucleic acids, and membranes; biological regulatory mechanisms; mechanistic aspects of enzyme action; macromolecule structure prediction; bioinformatics and genomics; and genetic and molecular aspects of cellular and developmental biology

    • Students gain professional experience through research proposals, participation in the department journal club, department research conference, international meetings, and internships in industry and government

    • We provide a host of student services, seminars and events, and a career development program

    • Our faculty and students are affiliated with postgraduate programs including Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Biophysics, Biomedical informatics, and Biostatistics Ph.D. programs

    • Students with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to ap ply

    • Integrate basic research with your medical training in the M.D./Ph.D. program


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