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HTML Editing

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language
Detailed HTML Reference

HTML is a simple programming language (OK, so it doesn't have loops and conditionals, It still programs something to do something). This language tells Netscape and other Web browsers how and where to display text and graphics on a page. It also tells the browser where to go to get the information.

Editing is actually very easy

Best Editors

Text Editor

Graphical Editor

Here is the PDF version of the AOL Press UserGuide

BBEdit is a simple word processor with HTML features, but you can't see what you will get. It has some real nice features for searching and changing all documents and ftping files from within BBEdit. The current technique is to edit your HTML document, then go over to Netscape load it in (or push the Reload button) and see what you have done.

Programs like PageMill/HomePage/AOL-Press are Graphical Editors. You can "draw" the Web page on your screen and what you see is what you get. We have AOL Press installed on the PMGM computers. AOL Press is also available for Macs and PCs.

Some of these programs like Claris Home Page will let you edit the file on your local PC and then it can send the file to the Web Server using "ftp" that is built into the web editor.

With other programs, you may have to edit the file on your local PC or Mac and then use a "ftp" program to send the files to your UNIX account. To do "ftp" connect to the "" machine using your CMGM/PMGM username and password, and you will want to place your web files in the "public_html" subdirectory. For more information on transferring files between computers, visit the FileTransfer pages from the Online Manual .

Editing a File in your UNIX Account

There are several different methods of editing the files.

The easiest method is to

1. Modify your .KSVols file and put in the following line of code (this change is done for you when you create a new web account). You only have to do this if you have a pre-existing account.

~/public_html:My Web Pages:

Now when you go into the Chooser, you will see an option called "My Web Pages" and you can now mount that area, and it will show up on your Mac desktop.

Sometimes double-clicking on a file in this mounted volume will not bring up the correct application. Often you have to open BBEdit or another editor, then open up the HTML file.

If you use Microsoft Word to edit one of these files, make sure you save the resulting document as TEXT ONLY.

BEST TRICK - Steal The Code

Use "View Source" under the Netscape View Menu.

Yep, why reinvent the wheel. If you see a page that has the text arranged the way you want your page to look, then just download the code, and change the other person's text; retaining the format.

Help On The Net

There are lots of sources of HTML and Web Page information on the net. Here are a few places to get you started. Don't forget to make a Bookmark once you find a Web site that has the information you need.

Starting Out

HTML Editing