Password Protecting Your Site

For password protection, you need to create two files in the top level directory you want to protect. For example, if you put the data in the


directory, then you need to put the .htpasswd and .htaccess files in that directory.


.htaccess contains restrictions on where users can log in from and what password file to use (you need to use a text editor to create this file)


The content of the .htaccess file will look something like this

   AuthUserFile /pmgm/username/public_html/data/.htpasswd
   AuthGroupFile /dev/null
   AuthName "Long Lab Data"
   AuthType Basic

   require valid-user


You will also need a .htpasswd file containing the usernames and password

you can use the UNIX program htpasswd on CMGM to create the .htpasswd file

For help with using htpasswd, just log in and type htpasswd


For more info, visit the Apache Web Server FAQ site


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