ftp- File Transfer Protocol

Of course, now that you have access to zillions of computers around the world, the problem is to make it easier to find the data. For this, two different programs were developed.

With Gopher, you now have a graphical user interface that can let you browse through files on remote computers. Even with a Telnet connection, you can use the arrow keys to maneuver through the file directories. You can use Netscape to visit gopher sites, or you can use a special program like TurboGopher (Available at MacArchives).

Visit the Mother of all Gophers at the University of Minnesota for a list of all Gopher sites around the world.


The big question is how to find the computer that has your information. To answer this question, the Archie program was developed. The Archie computer goes out every evening and searches the internet for anonymous ftp sites, then enters them and makes a list of all the available files. If you are looking for a specific program, then you visit one of the Archie computers using Telnet or an Archie program, and ask the computer where your software is located. Archie will then search its local database and tell you.

You could also do a search using one of the web search engines like