Remote Xterms

If you are sitting at a UNIX X terminal outside of the Bioinformatics Resource (for example Sweet Hall), and you want to run the GCG WPI interface on your terminal, you need to tell PMGM to what computer terminal you want it to send the GCG WPI display.

Setting the DISPLAY environment

If you are using the GCG WPI interface, GDE, the Staden package, you have to set your display environment

When you telnet from a xterminal to PMGM, you make a connection between and your Xterminal (in this case will use

The two machines cooperate and PMGM sends the output (e.g. windows, including graphics and text) to motif.

In all other cases, you need to tell the remote host that you logged into where to send the output. This is done via the DISPLAY environment. To set it, type:

setenv DISPLAY (Those are ZEROS!, pay attention to the upper & lower case also)
To check if the DISPLAY is set correctly, type:

env | grep DISPLAY
You should see:

NOTE: You may use the nickname, the long name or the IP address as the DISPLAY variable. setenv DISPLAY works as well (and in some cases better if name resolution is not working) as the names.>p>

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