Telnet Access

Telnet Access

If you are sitting at a Campus Computer connected to the campus net, or you have made a SLIP or PPP connection to the "leland" computer, you can then start a "Telnet" connection to the Bioinformatics computers.

For more information on how to connect your PC computer to the Stanford Net, visit the ITSS Web Site, or contact your local network administrator. If you don't know who it might be, click here.

With Telnet, you can talk to the computer and run programs such as

A good Telnet program for the Macintosh is NCSA Telnet. I recommend it over over MacSampson because NCSA Telnet can display Tektronix graphics that GCG uses. NCSA Telnet is available from MacArchives in the Network folder, or you can download a copy.

Telnet will not let you copy files from the UNIX machine to your local computer. To do this, you need to use the "ftp" program. On the Mac, the program is called Fetch.

You cannot use your mouse with Telnet to control the UNIX computer.

The complete Telnet Manual is available.

A more sophisticated communications method called X-Windows will allow your mouse to be used. In an X-Window program, you will have buttons, and pull down menus, and fill in spaces, and check boxes and other graphical user interface items.

Programs that use the X-Window interface include GCG SeqLab graphical interface

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