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Socrates: Stanford's Online Catalog
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FlyBase @                                                  Entrez-PubMed
BDGP: Home                                                                             NCBI BLAST Home Page
The Company of Biologists Ltd: Development                                  Flybrain Front Page
The Interactive Fly: A cyberspace guide to Drosophila development   FlyView
Drosophila Research Conference - 2003


Seminars                                                                Next 30 days:  cmgm.stanford.../finger?sem30

MolePharm Event Calendar, Week

Stanford Area:  Maps, etc.

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Stanford University: Palo Alto/ Stanford Area Map

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Palo Alto Online Home Page
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Recent Earthquakes - Map for San Francisco
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Google                                                               Epicurious (recipes)
Oxford English Dictionary                                    Arielle's Recipe Archive
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