\ Mark Krasnow, MD, PhD
Professor, Department of Biochemistry
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Beckman B461
650-723-7191 (phone)
krasnow AT stanford DOT edu

PDF Bio of Mark Krasnow

Maria Petersen
Administrative Assistant

650-724-8764 (phone)
650-723-6783 (fax)
marilen AT stanford DOT edu

  Grad Students

Alex Diaz de Arce
NSF Fellowship
BS, University of Florida
Beckman B439, 650-723-5871
adiazdearce AT gmail DOT com

Stephen Chang, MD
Stanford ARTS Fellowship
MD, University of Cincinnati; Clinical Instructor in Cardiology, Stanford
A new genetic model organism for studying cardiac physiology and disease
Ahmad Nabhan
Cellular and Molecular Biology Training Program Fellow
BS, UC Santa Barbara
Molecular control of alveolar differentiation and regeneration
Beckman B453, 650-723-5872
ahmadn AT stanford DOT edu

Joe Ouadah
Stanford Graduate Fellowship
BS, UC Berkeley
How cancers can arise from aberrant developmental, differentiation and dedifferentiation programs
Beckman B453, 650-723-5872
yzouadah AT stanford DOT edu

Kyle Travaglini
Stanford Graduate Fellow
Beckman B453, 650-723-5872
ktrav AT stanford DOT edu

Avin Veerakumar
Medical Scientist Training Program Fellow
BS, University of Pennsylvania
Vocalization circuit
Beckman B453, 650-723-5872
avinv AT stanford DOT edu

  Post Docs
doug brownfield

Doug Brownfield
ACS Fellowship, NIH Pathway to Independence K99 Award
PhD, UC Berkeley (Mina Bissell Lab)
Elucidating the alveolar gene expression program by single cell RNAseq
Beckman B451, 650-723-5995
Dbrownfi AT stanford DOT edu

Astrid Gillich
Erwin Schroedinger Fellowship, American Heart Association Fellowship
PhD, University of Cambridge (Azim Surani Lab)
Alveolar patterning and morphogenesis
Beckman B451, 650-723-5995
agillich AT stanford DOT edu

Caitlin Karanewsky
France-Stanford Center Grant for Interdisciplinary Studies; Child Health Research Institute Grant & Postdoctoral Award
hD, Stony Brook University (Patricia Wright Lab)
A new genetic model organism for biology
Beckman B439, 650-723-5871
Ckaranew AT stanford DOT edu

Peng Li
Berry Fellowship
PhD, USC (Henry Sucov Lab)
Mapping the sigh control circuit
Beckman B439, 650-723-5871
pengli12 AT stanford DOT edu
Yin Liu
Damon Runyon Fellowship
PhD, Johns Hopkins U (David Ginty Lab)
Molecular diversity and functions of airway sensory neurons
Beckman B439, 650-723-5871
Yinl AT stanford DOT edu
  Research Specialists

Hernan Espinoza
Damon Runyon Fellowship; HHMI Research Specialist
PhD, UCSF (David Morgan Lab)

A genome-wide analysis of gene expression in mouse lung development
Beckman B439, 650-723-5871
hespinoz AT stanford DOT edu

  Research Assistants

Camille Ezran
BS, University of California Berkeley
A new genetic model organism for physiology and behavior
Beckman B439, 650-723-5871
camille_ezran AT yahoo DOT com


Zeph Pendleton
BS, University of North Carolina
A new genetic model organism for conservation and field biology
Beckman B439, 650-723-5871

z3ph.one AT gmail DOT com
  Undergraduates and Summer Students

Margaret Greer
Los Gatos High School
A new genetic model organism for physiology and behavior
Beckman B439, 650-723-5871


Greg Beitel, PhD
Postdoc until 2000
Associate Professor, Northwestern University

Patrick Bogard, PhD
Grad Student until 2012
Scientist, Ariosa Diagnostics

Andy Chang, PhD
Postdoc until 2016
Assistant Professor, UCSF

Elizabeth Chao, MD/PhD
Grad Student until 2007
Albert Schweitzer Fellowship
Medical student, University of Michigan

Feng Chen, PhD
Grad Student until 2014
Postdoctoral Scholar, UCSF

Jichao Chen, PhD
Postdoc until 2011
Assistant Professor, University of Texas

Sung-Kay Chiu, PhD
Postdoc until 2000
Assistant Professor, City Univ. of Hong Kong

Nam Cho, MD/PhD
Grad Student until 2002
Radiation Oncologist, Stanford Medical School

Susan Cumberledge, PhD (deceased)
Postdoc until 1993
Associate Professor, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst

Tushar Desai, MD
Postdoc until 2011
Assistant Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

Patrick Devine, MD/PhD
Grad Student until 2005
Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellow, UCSF

Michael Galko, PhD
Postdoc until 2005
Associate Professor, Univ. of Texas

Amin Ghabrial, PhD
Postdoc until 2007
Assistant Professor, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Dan Greif, MD
Postdoc until 2010
Associate Professor, Yale Univ. School of Medicine

Karen Guillemin, PhD
Grad Student until 1998
Professor, Univ. of Oregon

Nir Hacohen, PhD
Grad Student until 1996
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
Senior Associate Member, Broad Institute

Farhad Imam, MD/PhD
Grad Student until 2003
Assistant Professor, UCSD

Jill Jarecki, PhD
Postdoc until 2000
Research Director, Cure SMA, Treat-NMD

Lesley Jarvis, MD/PhD
Grad Student until 2002
Assistant Professor, Dartmouth Medical School

Eric Johnson, PhD
Postdoc until 2001
Associate Professor, University of Oregon

F. Brad Johnson, MD/PhD
Grad Student until 1995
Associate Professor, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Maya Kumar, PhD
Postdoc until 2015
Group Leader, Parker Center for Asthma Research, Stanford University

Christin Kuo, MD
Postdoc until 2016
Assistant Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

Boaz Levi , PhD
Grad Student until 2006
Scientist/Manager, Molecular Networks, Allen Institute for Brain Science

Barry Lubarsky, PhD
Grad Student until 2003
Director of Medical Affairs, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Stefan Luschnig, PhD
Postdoc until 2004
Professor, University of Muenster

Gerard Manning, PhD
Grad Student until 1997
Director of Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Genentech

Ross Metzger, PhD
Grad Student until 2007
Group Leader, Wall Center for Pulmonary Vascular Disease, Stanford University

Mark Metzstein, PhD
Postdoc until 2005
Associate Professor, University of Utah

David Micklem, PhD
Postdoc until 2000
Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, BergenBio AS

Soren Peterson, PhD
Grad Student until 2012
Senior Analyst, Health Advances, LLC

Kristy Red-Horse, PhD
Postdoc until 2011
Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Emma Saffman, PhD
Grad Student until 1993
Senior Patent Agent, BCF LLP

Christos Samakovlis, PhD
Postdoc until 1994
Professor, Stockholm University

David Schneider, PhD
Postdoc until 1996
Associate Professor, Stanford Univ. School of Medicine

Kathy Shim, PhD
Grad Student until 2000
Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin

Daria Siekhaus, PhD
Grad Student until 1999 (B. Fuller Lab)
Assistant Professor, Institute of Science and Technology, Vienna

Krystal St. Julien
Grad Student until 2013
Operations Analyst, Facebook

Vikram Sudarsan, PhD
Postdoc until 2011
Strategy Head, Cipla Ventures

David Sutherland, MD/PhD
Grad Student until 1998
Psychiatrist, UCSF

Fraser Tan, PhD
Grad Student until 2011
Science Solutions Manager, Science Exchange

Serena Tan, MD
Resident/Fellow until 2014
Pathology Resident, Stanford Hospital

Stephanie Toering Peters, PhD
Grad Student until 2003
Associate Professor, Wartburg College

Russ Van Gelder, MD/PhD
Grad Student until 1994
Boyd Bucey Professor and Chair of Ophthalmology, Univ. of Washington Medical School

Molly Weaver, PhD
Postdoc until 2010
Health Careers Instructor, Mission Trails Regional Occupational Program, Salinas, CA

Kevin Yackle, MD/PhD
Grad Student until 2016
Assistant Researcher, University of California, San Francisco