Paul Berg's Protein Synthesis Movie

Background :

This major motion picture, many weeks in the making, was filmed on location at Stanford University.

In 1971, a couple of medical students at Stanford University wanted to create a movie about protein synthesis using interpretive dancing to simulate molecular dynamics. They approached Paul Berg, who was then the Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry, for technical advice and money to finance the film.

Once the film got the green light, the students assembled a film crew and a cadre of dancers and shot the film in a single day. The result is an initial presentation on the basics of protein synthesis by Paul Berg, followed by an interpretive dance illustrating the major events of protein synthesis.

Starring in this movie and never before seen together on the same screen

Paul Berg as himself

30S and 50 S as the ribosomal subunits,
mRNA as the information source
initiation and termination factors, as the regulatory subunits
amino acids as the essential building blocks and
GTP starring as The Energy Source

Even though the movie was made 30 years ago, it is still technically correct and provides students with a memorable and humorous look at protein synthesis.

Running Time : 15 minutes

"The best movie I've ever seen about protein synthesis", Martha Graham


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