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email dan.klass@mac.com

phone  (650) 723-0005

address Dept of Biochemistry

  1. Beckman Center

  2. Stanford School of Medicine

  3. Stanford, CA 94305


Eukaryotic gene expression is a multi-step process that must integrate information from a wide variety of sources into the specific regulatory responses that are essential to a living cell.  While studies of gene expression have historically focused on the control of transcription, there are many other potential points at which the expression of a given gene can be regulated.  Specifically, a gene’s RNA transcript is subject to regulation at the levels of processing, transport/localization, translation, and degradation.  A growing body of experimental evidence suggests the existence of an extensive post-transcriptional regulatory network mediated in part by RNA binding proteins (RBPs).  To create a more comprehensive map of this network, we are in the process of systematically identifying the mRNA targets of all the RBPs that are either known or predicted to interact with mRNAs in S. cerevisiae.

The current lab members working on this project are: Dan Klass, Andrie Klass, Graham Walmsley, and Julia Salzman.  


2005-BS in Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Clee SM, Yandell BS, Schueler KM, Rabaglia ME, Richards OC, Raines SM, Kabara EA, Klass DM, Mui ET, Stapleton DS, Gray-Keller MP, Young MB, Stoehr JP, Lan H, Boronenkov I, Raess PW, Flowers MT, Attie AD. (2006) Positional cloning of Sorcs1, a type 2 diabetes quantitative trait locus. Nature Genetics 38(6):688-93.