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email driordan@stanford.edu

phone  (650) 723-5872

address Dept of Biochemistry

  1. Beckman Center

  2. Stanford School of Medicine

  3. Stanford, CA 94305


global analysis of specific RNA-protein interactions;  discovery of RNA regulatory elements;  evolution of post-transcriptional regulatory networks;  applications of ultrahigh-throughput sequencing to RNA biology.


B.S. Biology, MIT, 2002.  B.S. Mathematics, MIT, 2002.  M.Phil. Biological Sciences, Churchill College, Cambridge University, 2003.


Hogan DJ, Riordan DP, Gerber AP, Herschlag D, Brown PO "Diverse RNA-binding proteins interact with functionally related sets of RNAs, suggesting an extensive regulatory system." PLoS Biol 2008; 6: 10: e255.