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email heathmcc@stanford.edu

phone  (650) 723-0005

address Dept of Biochemistry

  1. Beckman Center

  2. Stanford School of Medicine

  3. Stanford, CA 94305


Genome-wide analysis of translational regulation in human cells.

The eukaryotic gene expression program is regulated at many levels, including mRNA transcription, processing, localization, decay and translation, each of which must be correctly orchestrated for a cell to properly function.  Changes in mRNA abundance have been widely studied over many different conditions in many model organisms to obtain a global picture of the variation and regulation of transcript abundance in human cells and tissues, in development, physiological responses, and disease.  While these studies have revealed much information about cellular processes, regulation of mRNA abundance accounts for only part of the regulation of protein abundance.  Thus, studying the architecture of translational regulation on a genomic scale will combine with previous data to provide a much richer and more complete picture of how the global program of human gene expression is regulated. 

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Birthdate:  April 22


B.A. Molecular and Cell Biology, 2002

University of California, Berkeley

Senior Honors Thesis in the Eisen Lab


Flexibility and constraint in the nucleosome core landscape of Caenorhabditis elegans chromatin.

Johnson SM, Tan FJ, McCullough HL, Riordan DP, Fire AZ.

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