Timecourse Data: Metabolic Chart

Metabolic reprogramming inferred from global analysis of changes in gene expression. Only key metabolic intermediates are identified. The yeast genes encoding the enzymes that catalyze each step in this metabolic circuit are identified by name in the boxes. The genes encoding succinyl CoA synthase and glycogen debranching enzyme have not been explicitly identified, but the ORFs YGR244 and YPR184 show significant homology to known succinyl CoA synthase and glycogen debranching enzymes, respectively, and are therefore included in the corresponding steps in this figure. Red boxes with white lettering identify genes whose expression increases in the diauxic shift. Green boxes, with dark green lettering, identify genes whose expression diminishes in the diauxic shift. The magnitude of induction or repression is indicated for these genes. For multimeric enzyme complexes, such as succinate dehydrogenase, the indicated fold-induction represents an unweighted average of all the genes listed in the box. Black and white boxes indicate no significant differential expression (less than 2 fold). The direction of the arrows connecting reversible enzymatic steps indicate the direction of the flow of metabolic intermediates, inferred from the gene expression pattern, following the diauxic shift. Arrows representing steps catalyzed by genes whose expression was strongly induced are highlighted in red. The broad gray arrows represent major increases in the flow of metabolites following the diauxic shift, inferred from the indicated changes in gene expression.