Part Drawings and Specifications
All drawings are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.
FileName Description
32TipHolderTopR1.pdf Top piece of 32 tip holder NEW!
Bottom piece of 32 tip holderNEW!
BasePlate.pdf Base Plate (aka: the slide platter)
32TipDryStationTopR2.pdf Top part of the 32 tip dry station. NEW!
32TipDryStationBottomR2.pdf Main body of the 32 tip dry stationNEW!
DryBracket1.pdf Bracket to mount dry station (1 of 2)NEW!
DryBracket2.pdf Second Part of bracket to mount dry station (2 of 2)NEW!
HybChamber.pdf Hybridization chamber (2 pages: top and bottom)
PrintingTip.pdf Printing Tip Plans: 1/16" tips
ServoPlate.pdf Metal plate (and heat sink) for mounting the TQ-10 amplifiers
ZbracketR5.pdf Z-Axis bracket, for mounting the 32 tip print head NEW!

Specific Comments:

Tip Holders
The new tip holder accomodates 32 pins, and is designed for minimal friction and high precision.
The base plate accomodates 137 slides. The blank area adjacent to the plate pocket is used for the blotting pad. You will notice quarter-20 mounting holes tapped on the edges. These were originally for bars which could be used to hold the slides in place . No one has used this feature to date, and therefore you may save money and time by omitting these taps.
Hybridization Chamber
This design is nearly identical to our standard hyb chamber, originally designed by D. Shalon, which used window channels to clamp the two halves together. A friend in biotech showed us a derivative which used 4 nylon screws instead of window channels. I've put 6 taps in this design to assure sealing. The O-Rings you will need for this design are: "Buna-N O-Rings, Dash Number: 039". These are available from McMasters, cat. 9452K342. ($12.50 for 100)
Printing Tip
Lots of stories about this one. Be sure to check the Tip Gallery for a discourse on printing tips, with plenty of design examples.
Servo Plate
The three TQ-10 amplifiers and the ICM-1900 are mounted on this plate. The plate not only serves to organize these components and provide a metric to english conversion, but the plate also serves as an excellent heat sink. This is obviously an optional component, but I highly recommend having some common mounting surface electronics.
Vendors: We use the following vendors for most of our custom parts:
Die-Tech: (408) 279-3363
Majer Precision Engineering: (602) 777-8222 (Ask for Michael Majer Jr.)