NEWS:1/2/99 - The complete dataset, in text file format, has been posted in the Additional Figures section of the website. Sorry about the delay - I had to finish my thesis.
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Previous news:
11/8/98 - A new enhanced version of Figure 5 is now available. The changes are as follows: readable gene names for each row! Accurate coloring, 3 separate sizes (including poster-size), easier-to-read URS1 and MSE binding site "gradient bars." The complete data, in spreadsheet form, will be up soon. New enhancements to the database are coming soon as well. 10/27/98 New fields in the detailed reports section. Includes up to date SGD gene names and definitions. Links to SGD and YPD added. More to come.
10/26/98 Moved the database over to a new server. Added Links. I will be implementing additions to the search page, as well as more data. Stay Tuned!
10/23/98 The high-detail reports on individual genes are now active. A help page for viewing the search results has also been added.
10/22/98 The database is up and running, however, high-detail reports on individual genes are not yet active. I hope to have this, as well as the additional figures up in the next couple of days.
10/21/98 All links are active except additional figures and the database/guestbook. I plan to have these up tomorrow evening. We have several very interesting figures which we will be adding on a continual basis to this site. Bookmark it and visit often.