Current lab members and projects

Julie Theriot

Amanda Nasar

Amanda is our most awesome administrative assistant.

Effie Bastounis

Effie is investigating traction forces in bacterial infected cells.

Caleb Chan

Caleb is investigating the movement of neutrophils and neutrophil like cells.

Matthew Footer

Mr. Footer studies the molecular biochemistry of cytoskeletal components at the molecular and cellular level.

Rikki Garner

Rikki is using a combination of modeling and experimentation to determine the mechanisms of stable actin self-assembly at the leading edge of motile cells.

Amalia Hadjitheodorou


Andrew Kennard

Andrew is studying the shape, composition, and structure of fish skin cells.

Lorenzo Labitigan

A gifted eater himself, Lorenzo studies what makes the human body's immune cells so good at eating invaders. He hopes his findings will inform and enrich his personal practice.

Fabian Ortega

Fabian studies Listeria monocytogenes invasion mechanisms in cultured cells and organoids.

Prathima Radhakrishnan

Prathima studies the mechanism of Listeria monocytogenes cell-cell spread between neighboring epithelial cells and from macrophages to endothelial cells, with a focus on the host cell's participation in these processes.

James Russell

James studies the genetic and physical basis of silicious cell wall patterning in diatom algae.

Gemini Skariah

Gemini is involved in zebrafish keratocytes and HL60 cell motility.

Daan Vorselen

Daan is studying how squishy things get into cells.