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Brutlag, D. L. and Sternberg, M. (1996). Sequences and Topology: Challenges for Algorithms and Experts. Current Opinions in Structural Biology, 6(3), 343-345.

Sequences and Topology: Challenges for Algorithms and Experts.

D. L. Brutlag & M. Sternberg

Department of Biochemistry, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California 94305-5307.

For more than a decade, it has been widely recognised that genome studies will be yielding a rapidly increasing number of nucleic acid and protein sequences requiring computer methods for storage and interpretation . Although many of the tools of sequence analysis (e.g. alignment algorithms by dynamic programming) have been available for many years, the challenges of performing these tasks with sensitivity and accuracy continues to stimulate innovation. This collection of review will highlight several recent developments in sequence analysis. By contrast, only in the last few years has the number of known protein topologies solved by crystallography and NMR is increasing rapidly and this now has focused interest on similar problems to those previously identified for sequences. Here we report on recent methods scanning structural databases for three-dimensional similarities. These computer tools for sequence and structural comparisons are now being used, tougher with expertise, to construct libraries of sequence motifs and fold families. We included in our review articles on newly identifies sequence and structural motifs.

The growth of sequence data emphasised to wider community the importance of predicting of protein structure from sequence. Similarly as more protein structures are solved there will be an increasing need to model their associations and accordingly we end our collection of reviews with an article on recent developments in protein docking.

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