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Cell 15: 733-42 (1978)[79084143]

One of the copia genes is adjacent to satellite DNA in Drosophila melanogaster.

M. Carlson & D. Brutlag

A method for purifying sequences adjacent to satellite DNA in the heterochromatin of D. melanogaster is described. A cloned DNA segment containing part of a copia gene adjacent to 1.688 g/cm3 satellite DNA has been isolated. The copia genes compose a repeated gene family which codes for abundant cytoplasmic poly(a)-containing RNA (Young and Hogness, 1977; Finnegan et al., 1978). We have identified two major poly (A)-containing RNA species [5.2 and 2.1 kilobases (kb)] produced by the copia gene family. The cloned segment contains copia sequences homologous to the 5' end of RNA within 0.65 kb of the 1.688 satellite DNA sequences. Seven different cloned copia genes from elsewhere in the genome have also been isolated, and a 5.2 kb region present in five of the clones was identified as copia by heteroduplex analysis. In addition, three ususual copies of copia were found: a "partial" copy of the gene (3.7 kb) which has one endpoint in common with the 5.2 kb unit; a copia gene flanked on one side by a 1.6 kb sequence and on the other by the same 1.6 kb sequence in the inverted orientation; and a copia gene flanked only on one side by the same sequence.

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