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Goldring, E. S., Brutlag, D. L., & Peacock, W. J. (1975). In Peacock. WJ, & Brock, RD (Ed.), The eukaryote chromosome. (pp. 47-59.). Canberra Australia: Australian University Press.

Arrangement of the highly repeated DNA of Drosophila melanogaster.

Goldring, E. S., Brutlag, D. L., & Peacock, W. J

The highly repeated DNA of Drosophila melanogaster occurs in a few long stretches (600 kb) in the chromosome complement. Cytological hybridization to polytene chromosomes shows that each of the highly repeated species is localized in the chromocentre and also at a site on the left arm of chromosome 2 (region 21C-D). The 1.686 and 1.705 density species hybridize to all chromosomes, but the 1.672 species is restricted to chromosome 2 and possibly also to the Y chromosome. Hybridization to mitotic chromosomes from tissue culture cells confirms the centromeric location of these highly repeated DNA species. Analysis of molecules containing the 'ends' of 1.705 sequences indicates that these segments are, in some chromosomes, adjacent to 1.686 segments, and in fewer chromosomes to 1.672 segments. We suggest that each chromosome may have a specific arrangement of highly repeated DNA sequences.

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