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Huang, J. Y. and Brutlag, D. L. (2001). The eMOTIF Database. Nucleic Acids Research, 29(1), 202-204.

The eMOTIF Database

J. Y. Huang & D. L. Brutlag

The eMOTIF database is a collection of more than 170,000 highly specific and sensitive protein sequence motifs representing conserved biochemical properties and biological functions. These protein motifs are derived from 7,697 sequence alignments in the BLOCKS+ database (released on June 23, 2000) and all 8,244 protein sequence alignments in the PRINTS database (version 27.0) using the eMOTIF-MAKER algorithm developed by Nevill-Manning et al. (1, 2). Since the amino acids and the groups of amino acids in these sequence motifs represent critical positions conserved in evolution, search algorithms employing the eMOTIF patterns can identify and classify more widely divergent sequences than methods based on global sequence similarity. The eMOTIF protein pattern database is available at http://motif.stanford.edu/emotif.

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