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GridStuffer 0.4.9 - Recommanded for Mac OS X.5 Leopard (not tested on OS X.4 Tiger)

GridStuffer 0.4.5 - Recommanded for Mac OS X.4 Tiger

It is recommended that you download and use the latest version. See change log. Older versions are available at the bottom of this page.


GridStuffer is a Cocoa application to submit multi-task jobs using a very simple format that resembles very much the xgrid command-line format.

The idea is to emulate the bacth plist format without the complexity, and to provide a simple GUI and easy result retrieval. The application uses Core Data to store information about job progress and can restart where it left, for example after a reboot. GridStuffer is what is being used for the Xgrid@Stanford project to submit large-scale jobs over several days, and is thus being heavily tested in that configuration. If you are interested, you should read more details about the input file format before using GridStuffer.

If you use it, thanks for sending your feedback to charles•parnot@gmail•com. In particular, if you have some specific applications in mind, describe them to me, and I would try to propose an input file compatible with your goal. My primary goal for GridStuffer is to use it for Xgrid@Stanford, but I would want it to be as general as possible, and useful to other people too.


The next versions of GridStuffer may not be able to read the information stored by version 0.4.0. This is mostly due to a limitation in Core Data, that makes files incompatible with each other after modifications in the data structure. Core Data is otherwise great, and I don't want to give it up just because of that particular issue. This limitation is thus also due to my laziness and to my own inability to make the good decisions early enough in terms of data structure. Hopefully, at some point, things will be stable enough that this won't be an issue anymore. Importantly, though, I have designed the application in such a way that several versions of it can be run concurrently, so that you could finish jobs started with an earlier version, while starting new jobs with a newer one. Ah!

Finally, this is just version 0.4.x, because I feel like it is quite far from a 1.0 version, in terms of features, testing and user interface. So use at your very own risk, and I shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages arising in any way out of the use of this software, or out of the thought of the use of this software.

Source code

The download includes the source code, released under the modified BSD license. The Xgrid core functionality is in a separate framework, called GridEZ.framework, that can also be embedded in other apps that want to use the same input format for jobs. This framework is released under LPGL.


Older versions

GridStuffer 0.2.0

GridStuffer 0.2.1

GridStuffer 0.2.2

GridStuffer 0.2.4

GridStuffer 0.4.0 - Universal binary

GridStuffer 0.4.2 - Universal binary

GridStuffer 0.4.3 - Universal binary

GridStuffer 0.4.4 - Universal binary

GridStuffer 0.4.7 - Only tested on OS X.5 Leopard