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Beatrice Romagnolo, Min Jiang, Moni Kiraly, Carrie Breton, Rebecca Begley, John Wang, Jim Lund, and Stuart K. Kim


In C. elegans, let-60 Ras controls many cellular processes such as differentiation of vulval epithelial cells, function of chemosensory neurons, and meiotic progression in the germ line. Although much is known about the let-60 Ras signaling pathway, relatively little is understood about the target genes induced by let-60 Ras signaling that carry out terminal effector functions leading to morphological change. Here, we have used DNA microarrays to identify 708 genes that change expression in response to activated let-60 Ras. We find that a significant fraction of the worm let-60 targets have human homologs that show altered expression in breast cancers, potentially identifying genes that play an important and evolutionarily conserved role downstream of Ras.

This web site will provide the raw data of the Figures published in the paper, a search engine for searching the gene expression profiles of the interested genes, programs for dynamically clustering genes, and links to the website for converting worm genes to human genes and the public Stanford Microarray Database. A PDF file of the paper can be obtained by clicking this .

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