Gene Explorer is a program developed by Christian Rees to allow interactive exploration of heatmaps online. The files are based on the structure of the program TreeView by Michael Eisen. Both programs are available at no cost from the authors.


Navigable heatmaps of our data using Gene Explorer are available:


Heatmap of Expression in the Cortex and Heatmap of Expression in the Medulla

Genes are listed in rows in order of fold changes with age; genes that increase with age are at the top, and genes that decrease with age are at the bottom. Each gene is identified with its Affymetrix probe set ID. Patients are arranged in columns by age, with the youngest patient at the left and the oldest at the right.


Heatmap of Expression as a Function of Tissue Type

Genes are identified in the rows by Locus Link ID. Tissue types are listed in columns, with the kidney rows to the far left.