Transcriptional profiling of aging in human muscle reveals a common aging signature


Supplemental Tables

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Table 1. Patients recruited by age group


Table 2. Age-regulated gene sets in muscle


Table 3. Age-regulation of gene sets in three human tissues


Table 4. Age-regulation of the electron transport chain in three species


Table S1. Clinical data


Table S2. 250 age-regulated genes (p < 0.001), arranged by slope with age


Table S3. 624 gene sets assayed for age-regulation


Table S4. Contributing genes in gene sets age-regulated in muscle


Table S5. Type II/Type I muscle fiber diameter ratios of 32 patients


Table S6. 92 age-regulated genes which predict Type II/Type I ratio


Table S7. 114 Type II/Type I-regulated genes which predict age


Table S8. Significant overlap between sets of age-regulated and Type II/Type I-regulated genes


Table S9. Contributing genes in gene sets commonly age-regulated in muscle, kidney, and brain


Table S10. Aging coefficients of 11512 genes in mouse kidney


Table S11. Correlation of age-regulated genes in three tissues


Table S12. Spearman correlations between tissues for age-regulated gene sets