A global profile of germ line gene expression in C. elegans

Valerie Reinke*, Harold E. Smith, Jeremy Nance, John Wang, Carrie Van Doren, Rebecca Begley, Steven J. M. Jones, Elizabeth B. Davis, Stewart Scherer, Samuel Ward, and Stuart K. Kim*

The web supplement to Reinke et al., Molecular Cell 6, 605-616, 2000.

corresponding authors: kim@cmgm.stanford.edu (for questions about C. elegans microarrays)

valerie.reinke@yale.edu (for questions about C. elegans germ line arrays after November 1)


We used DNA microarrays containing 63% of predicted C. elegans genes to profile gene expression patterns in the germ line, and identified 1416 germ line-enriched transcripts that define three groups. The sperm-enriched group contains an unusually large number of protein kinases and phosphatases. The oocyte-enriched group includes potentially new components of embryonic signaling pathways. The germ line-intrinsic group, defined as genes expressed similarly in germ lines making only sperm or only oocytes, contains a family of piwi-related genes that may be important for stem cell proliferation. Finally, examination of the chromosomal location of germ line transcripts revealed that sperm-enriched and germ line-intrinsic genes are nearly absent from the X chromosome, but oocyte-enriched genes are not.


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