Figure 4. Experimental validation. A.  MEG1503, MEG342, MEG4513, MEG1192, MEG1146 are over expressed in pancreatic cancers.  We plotted the meta-genes with the GeneXPress program ( using data from (16). The first five columns correspond to expression data obtained from normal pancreas specimens (pSF2779N, pSF442N, pSF4N, pSF5NT, and pSF768NT) while the remaining eight correspond to expression data obtained from pancreatic cancer specimens (a pancreatic cancer cell line (HS766T), 5 Hopkins/Goggins pancreatic cancer cell cultures (PL2, PL22, PL21, PL1, and PL8), a poorly differentiated pancreas carcinoma (pSF439T), and a pancreas foamy cell adenocarcinoma specimen (pSF1T)).  Each row corresponds to the expression profile of a single meta-gene across the 13 pancreatic samples.  Bold indicates meta-genes newly-implicated in cell proliferation by the multiple species network.  Neighbors of each newly-implicated meta-gene that were previously known to be involved in cell proliferation or cell cycle are also shown. Scale shows log2(expression ratio).  B.  RNAi-induced phenotype of ZK652.1.  Shown are wild-type gonads and gonads from worms that were fed bacteria producing ZK652.1 dsRNA for two days (28).  Gonads were stained with DAPI to show DNA in nuclei. (29) ZK652.1(RNAi) gonads have more nuclei than wild-type and lack oocytes (ooc.).  rrf-3(pk1426) worms were used as they are more sensitive to RNAi (30).