Visualizing the multiple species co-expression network




To view the multiple species co-expression network, follow the installation and running instructions below.


I.                 INSTALLATION


The VxInsight visualization program only works on Windows machines (2000, XP).  Download the VxInsight installer and run the executable.  Choose all of the defaults.  This should install the program under C:\Program Files\Sandia National Labs\VxInsight.  It should also install an icon on your desktop called VxInsight that you can use to launch the program:



Download the multiple species co-expression network data and unzip into the directory C:\Program Files\Sandia National Labs\VxInsight\datasets.  This will create a new directory called Multispecies.




Launch the VxInsight icon on your desktop. From the file menu choose “Open”.  Click on the datasets directory and then the Multispecies directory.  Select the file called “data.cache”.  This will load the multiple species co-expression network.  You should see something like:



In the main window you will see the terrain map.  To find basic instructions about how to use VxInsight, please see the user documentation provided by Sandia National Laboratories.


III.         Searching for meta-genes


You can search for meta-genes using a variety of different fields.  The different fields search different annotations about the meta-genes.  The search bar is located at the bottom-left of the screen and will look something like:



Select the first box to the right of “Show objects where”.  By choosing a different entry, you can change the field to search under.  For example, you could choose “go” to search for Gene Ontology terms:



Choosing “description” would allow you to search under the free text of the meta-genes downloaded from various databases including Flybase, Wormbase, SGD, and LocusLink.