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Welcome to the website containing the supplemental material and resources for the manuscript:

" A gene co-expression network for global discovery of conserved genetic modules in H. sapiens, D. melanogaster, C. elegans, and S. cerevisiae." [Download PDF] [ Science Abstract]

Within this site, you can visualize the conserved co-expression network, search for which genes participate in conserved co-expression interactions with your genes of interest, and access supplemental materials.  Included in the supplemental materials are all the raw data upon which the analyses were based.

We are in Stanford Medical Informatics, the Developmental Biology Department, the Genetics Department, and the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. Please visit the Kim Lab homepage or the Koller Lab homepage for more information about our research interests.

This work was made possible by the Stanford Microarray Database and various laboratories that have made datasets for multiple organisms available.


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