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Tables from the paper

*  Table 1.  The 12 components found in the network along with their biological enrichment. [EXCEL]

Figures from the paper

*   Figure 1.  The expression data and procedures used to build the network.

*   Figure 2.  Various tests to demonstrate the significance of the network.

*   Figure 3.  Layout of the network reveals 12 highly connected components.

*   Figure 4.  External evidence validating prediction of cell proliferation for 5 meta-genes.

*   Figure 5.  Distribution of expression link and protein sequence conservation in the network.

*  Figure 6.  The sizes of the meta-gene interconnections follow a power-law function.

Supplemental Tables

*   Table S1.  The genes associated with each meta-gene from the four different organisms. [EXCEL]

*   Table S2.  The list of experiments for each organism.

*   Table S3.  The 5 meta-genes predicted to be involved in cell proliferation along with the meta‑genes they are connected to in the network.

*   Table S4.  Precision of the multi-species network for connecting the 5 meta-genes with other cell proliferation genes compared to their connections in a single organism.

*   Table S5.  The expression conservation index for each meta-gene in the network. [EXCEL]

Supplemental Figures

*   Figure S1.  White noise analysis demonstrating the network is robust to random artifacts in the data.

*   Figure S2.  Precision of a multi-species network built from a smaller number of experiments for connecting genes of related function compared to single species.

*   Figure S3. Pearson vs. Spearman rank correlation.  The two measures of correlation give similar results in all four organisms.

*   Figure S4. Meta-genes.  How meta-genes were constructed and how many genes from a single organism are contained in each.


*   Microarray compendia.  Documents the microarray expression data included in the analysis.

*   Prediction of orthologous groups.  Description of how meta-genes were identified.

*   Measuring co-expression. A discussion of the measure of correlation we used to detect co-expression.

*   Network construction.  Computational procedure for constructing the multi-species expression network.

*   Network visualization and identification of components.  Description of how the meta-genes were plotted and visualized on a three-dimensional landscape.

*   Expression conservation.  Description of how conservation of expression for each meta-gene was calculated.

*   Random network generation.  Description of how networks  were constructed from permuted expression data.


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