Figure 3.  Genes enriched from L1 muscle by mRNA-tagging. A. Histogram of the average percentile rank of enrichment following mRNA-tagging.  The X axis shows the average percentile rank of enrichment, and the Y axis shows the number of genes with that average percentile rank.  Outlined bars represent the distribution for all genes.  Red bars represent the distribution of the 1364 genes that are significantly enriched (Student's t-test, p<0.001).  B. A graphical representation of the percentile ranks of the 1364 muscle enriched genes.  Each row represents a single gene.  The first six columns (labeled 1-6) are the six muscle mRNA-tagging repeats done on L1-staged animals.  The seventh column (labeled A) is the average percentile rank for that gene.  The color represents the percentile rank of enrichment of that gene in each column.  Genes are in descending order of their average percentile rank. The graphical representation of the ranks was generated by first converting the rank ((rank-0.65)*12) into a value that can be converted into an image using Cluster (Eisen et al., 1998) and Treeview.  C. A pie chart showing the types of genes enriched in L1 muscle.  The 1364 muscle-enriched genes were compared to over 70 lists of genes with similar biological functions.  The first number denotes the number of genes in the list that are muscle expressed, and the second number denotes the total number of genes in that biological group.