Worm Chip Directory

Chip analysis for old 1200-mer double chips.

To look at individual chip experiments, start by going to wormfront2. Here you can view all experiments to date, and select one you are interested in analyzing further. Once you select an experiment and submit it, you will find a list of +/-regulated genes determined by the cutoff value you specified.

For more detailed information regarding the variables on these and subsequent pages, see definitions.

wmlist4 provides another way of selecting a single experiment and viewing the regulated genes. In addition, by clicking on the width distribution, you can find a list of most similar chips.

Multiple chip analysis

To compare multiple chip experiments, use wormxcmp4.
wormxmp5 is identical to wormxcmp4 with the exception that it also provides slope values.

If you would rather view a specific gene and see how it was regulated across experiments, use wormdata1. Clicking on the gene name will give you correlated genes. Clicking on expression will give you the expression levels for that gene in every chip.

Correlation analysis

To see correlation groupings of genes across experiments, go to wmgrp5.
A graphical interpretation of how any two genes are correlated to each other throughout chip experiments is found in correlation plots. You will need to get the array position numbers for those genes to enter into the form. Array positions can be found in wmgrp5.

Your RNA

Info on how to get chips done on your RNA samples