Bad Sailing Days

Yeah, it looks like I am in full control of the situation, but appearances are deceiving.

December, 1995 - It was nice going over to the Channel Islands, but a couple of days later, on the way back it turned bad. 6-8 ft swells, no wind. Time to crank up the little 3 cylinder Volvo diesel engine. Unfortunately, when I got out into the middle of the shipping lane, the engine stopped. We spent a couple of hours disassembling the fuel system only to find the fuel tanks filled with sea water (no, the water tanks wern't filled with fuel). No wind, no engine, middle of shipping lane. I'm not interested in paddling or sculling back to shore; so, in this picture, I am being towed back to shore, and I am just steering behind the tow boat. The camera doesn't really capture my correct shade of puke green.

Lee Kozar / Manager, Bioinformatics Resource /