Current Favorite CDs

Here's what you're most likely to find on my CD player. Click on an album to visit their web site.

you don't have to understand portuguese to get hooked on this Brazilian beat (but it helps).

This CD makes me want to haul out the songbook and play along... if only I knew how to play the piano.

I know this is the back cover to the CD, but I like it better than the front. Except for a couple of tracks, this is her best work.

Almost enough to make me look back nostalgically on the Summer of '69

These guys know how to create a web site. Their music is pretty good also.

As the liner notes say, "Track 4 - IBM computer plays everything... but it's only carrying out orders"

I've been known to severely exceed the speed limit when I crank up the volume on this CD, especially tracks 3 & 6. This is the best of all their albums, even better than #3.

An amazing voice, kinda like Judy Collins but with more range.

Laid the groundwork for the latest group of Celtic singers. One of the best albums of the 80s with lyrics that cover topics like rejection, drowning, the inquisition of a witch, and the celebration of siblings. Nobody ever accused her of playing it safe.

Nothing like cranking up Dead Man's Party to keep me awake at night and bring back memories of Rodney Dangerfield in "Back to School"

Guitar music just doesn't get any better than this. It makes me want to pick up the old guitar and start playing .... if only I knew how to play the guitar.

A great voice, backed up by a top-notch band, this group is outstanding, and yes, Corinne Drewery does sing better than Lisa Stansfield. That should settle the argument!

Gotta show my school spirit at Christmas.