Palo Alto Restaurant Review

South Bay


Jose's Caribbean Restaurant

El Camino
Palo Alto

Not many restaurants have croccodile on the menu.
Dessert menu is weak.


452 University Ave
Palo Alto
(650) 321-9908

Last reviewed 3-98

Excellent Italian seafood
Dessert menu is weak. Spimoni, tiramisu... boring desserts.

Joao's Brazilian Restaurant -

Santa Clara

Open 7 days 7AM-3PM, Dinner Thurs-Sun
Kinda an irregular schedule, but hey, they're Brazilian!

Reviewed - March 1996

Pao de queijo - (cheese bread)

Guarana - popular Brazilian soft drink

farofa (mandioca flour)

Feijoda (meat & black bean combo)

Muqueca de peixe (fish filet, salmon this evening)

Coxinha de galinha - chicken fritters

Dessert - Romeo & Julieta (queijo e goiabada)

If you are interested in trying Brazilian food, this is the only place nearby.
Pretty good, although my Brazilian friend wasn't that impressed, she gave
it a 7 out of 10. "Joao probably has trouble getting the ingredients", she said.

Estreillita Restaurant

971 San Antonio Road
Los Altos
(415) 948-9865

Reviewed March 1996

Their specials are on a table for you to see when you walk in the door. Neat idea,
first time I've ever seen this. We're not talking plastic food either.

Applewood Pizza

El Camino Ave
Menlo Park

If you are into designer pizza, this is the place to go.
Example.... Scandanavian Pizza. Salmon, sour creme
If you are not into designer pizza, no problem, they can make as
dull a pizza as you like. (I like Canadian Bacon and Ground Beef).


433 Emerson
Palo Alto
(415) 328-6885

Last Reviewed 9-97

All the standard Szechuan stuff, but with some interesting twists.

Skip the desserts, you are right next door to a really good gelato place.


971 San Antonio Road
Los Altos
(415) 948-9865

Supposed Southwestern food. Oh yeah? Not a blue corn tortilla in the house.
It won't make you forget Santa Fe. Nothing special., although my dinner companion
liked the place. Nice atmosphere


140 University Ave
Palo Alto
(650) 323-9449

Good solid japanese food, nothing out of the ordinary. Sushi is its speciality.
A real frenetic atmosphere. You know thay play the music fast and loud in order to
make you eat faster and clear out. It's still fun even though you have to
yell to talk across the table. It's not the place for intimate conversations.
So take someone you really don't want to talk to. If it's just a physical relationship
but you still want to go out and eat... this is the place.
The new location now includes disco lighting and a smoke machine.
What dining experience would be complete without one?


233 3rd St.
Los Altos
(415) 948-5209

Reviewed 10-96

This is a fairly new place that bills itself as an "American Restaurant", unfortunately, the menu is rather confused.

The architect for the restaurant deserves kudos, the chef doesn't.

The restaurant specializes in roast chicken, and various beef entrees. Unfortunately, I had the salmon. It was fixed teriaki style (hardly American) and came with a side order of rice salad. No bread was served with the meal, a side order of jalipeno cornbread (good) was available at an extra cost. Another strange side order was "mashed potatoes". For $2.50, with no gravy, it seemed a bit much.

My dinner companion liked her hamburger though.

My dog liked her side order (Free Dog Bone was on the menu).

The dessert menu, which is one of my main factors in rating a restaurant, was slim to say the least. Creme Brulee (American?) and an Oreo cookie concoction. I passed on both.