The MGuide. Version 2.0
The Brown Lab's complete guide to microarraying for the molecular biologist.

7/2000 Version 1.8.8 of ArrayMaker has been posted to the download section Download it now!

6/14/00 The new MicroArray Forum is up and running! Please use the link above.

11/17/99 NEW! Version 2 of the Assembly guide is now available. This is the same version used at the recent Cold Spring Harbor Course.

11/14/99 Revised Pages: Custom Part Drawings, and the complete Parts List. ArrayMaker v1.8.5 with loads of new features! Download it now!
New ArrayMaker Documentation!

10/11/99 Coming Soon: The MGuide Version 2.0! All new protocols, new parts, new drawings, and software updates. ArrayMaker v1.8! Stay Tuned!!

2/15/99ArrayMaker v1.5 has been posted in the download section. Download it now!

11/9 ArrayMaker v1.1.3 has been posted in the download section. Download it now!

10/21 Look for the Brown Lab in the Genome Issue of Science. I've been working on the website for this article, and when I'm done, I will be posting the latest update to ArrayMaker, and the FAQ.

10/5 Re-Purify your Cy-Dyes. The Protocol is up! Save big bucks! Also: I have assembled a lot of potentially useful feedback from people putting their own arrayers together. I will post this FAQ, and movies very soon.

8/20 An older protocols page is up. The basics are there, but refinements will follow soon.

8/19 Web Statistics for July: this site was hit over 56,000 times. (Unique pages served.)
Protocol Coming soon: Re-purify your Cy-Dyes! It always irked us that we were throwing away 90-98% of the dye after a reverse transcription. You are a simple HPLC step away from reclaiming unused fluorophore. Stay tuned, and start saving your unincorporated dye.

8/18 ArrayMaker software is now available! Download it now!

8/18 Added installation notes to the Jogger Read Me file. Check it if you are having install problems.

8/14 The Printing Tip Gallery is up! Check out what worked, and what did not.

8/10 Part II of the MGuide is now available! Download it now!

8/10 The Addendum to Part I of the MGuide is now available! Download it now!

8/9 The Jogger program, refered to in the assembly guide, is now available: Download it now!

7/25 The MGuide, Part II, nearly finished. To satisfy those who need additional wiring diagrams, I have posted the Y and Z encoder diagrams on the Assembly Guide page, as graphics. When I return from the Gordon conference, the full MGuide will be available.

6/10 The Assembly Guide, Part II, has been finished. Digital pictures will be added, and then the PDF will be posted. Version 1.2 of Part I of the Assembly Guide, with an added section, will be posted later this week. The ArrayMaker software is now at version 1.1, and if it survives another print run, it will be posted.

6/4 Following the Assembly Guide, we built an arrayer in less than 48 hours. (From packed boxes to printing arrays). You can do it too!

5/15 Posted Screenshots of the ArrayMaker software in the Download Software section. I expect to post the software itself as soon as a few elusive bugs are eradicated.

5/14 Part I, version 1.1, of the Assembly guide posted.

5/13 Part I of the Assembly guide has now been posted. Download it now!
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

4/19 Comments added to the custom part drawings section. Small corrections to the parts list.

4/17 Part one of the Assembly Guide, which will be posted in PDF format, is nearing completion. As soon as I can figure out how to check dependencies in Borland C++, a diagnostic app will be posted. The full Arrayer application is in beta testing, and I should have some screen shots up soon. The tip gallery is under construction - pictures of all the various tips we have used or tried. A comments section to accompany the custom part drawings will also be posted.